Enchanted - Halo - Brushed Suri

Enchanted - Halo - Brushed Suri

Many of us have fallen in love with "Thistledown" brushed mohair yarns this Summer... now I'm excited to announce a new floofy yarn "Halo" Brushed Suri, soon to have you swooning with its luscious body and silky feel.   

Knits up well on a wide variety of needles! Halo expands nicely when treated like a DK weight, while smaller needles yield a silky soft and dense fabric, more suited to harder wear.

75% Suri Alpaca 21% Wool 4% Nylon 

50 grams 140 yards 

This is a Hand Wash base! 

There are three patterns I would like to take this opportunity to direct your attention towards for quick and satisfying knits using Halo 

the "soft cowl" by k knits on Ravelry is a free pattern that takes a single skein, and is perfect for quick gifts and Holiday knitting. It will come up in search if you use the term "Brushed suri cowl" 

I'm selling bundled yarns with the patterns for "the Winter Market Hat" and "Winter Market Gloves" by Alexis Adrienne, which each take a single Big n Bulky skein and a single Halo skein. You can find these kits at the end of the Suri section and in the "bundles and minis" section of my site  

And lastly, the "Brushed Suri Mitts" by Merri Fromm is a $3 pattern on Ravelry, again using a single skein of Halo! 

Halo is everything you could desire in a cozy winter yarn, so please enjoy this newest offering 💚