Rugged - thistledown - brushed mohair and silk laceweight

Rugged - thistledown - brushed mohair and silk laceweight

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Add silky texture to your knitting with this lovely laceweight. Held double with DK or fingering, these mohair yarns are simple enough to work with, and bring a beautiful halo to your finished knit! 

Many current shawl patterns are incorporating openwork sections of this style of yarn, or you could get really daring, and try two-color mohair brioche! 

70/30 Kid Mohair Silk 

50 grams 

458 yards 

technically a laceweight, though often worked up on larger needles, like when using fingering on a size 7 

I sampled brushed mohair yarns from every source I could find once I decided to bring in this base for 2018, because I, for one, am extremely anti-itchy yarn!! This was the softest kid mohair I laid my hands on, and I knew it had to be the One! I hope you'll be just as pleased as I am with this specialty yarn.