Little Squashes - 70/30 merino silk single ply

Little Squashes - 70/30 merino silk single ply

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These gorgeous single ply skeins are my absolute favorite for draping, luxurious shawls and wraps!!

With just enough silk for incredible shimmer and drape, but not so much that you encounter drooping or sag, I think of these as the perfect Luxury yarns, and they're high twist single ply, the twist and silk help to keep pilling to a minimum.

436 yards
100 grams

Fingering weight

One skein is enough for a Hitchhiker and the like, while 2 skeins make a full sized shawl. Head over to the "Bundles and Minis" section of the website to see some of my favorite color combos for pairing these beauties up! 

Carefully designed using
Eco friendly acid dyes